Austin Heritage Tree Foundation
Protecting trees

About Us

       Austin Heritage Tree Foundation's Mission Statement

                   To preserve, protect and maintain heritage trees in the Austin area. 

Preserve Heritage Trees By Advocating:

We advocate at the city of Austin and the State Legislature for rules and regulations that will help preserve heritage trees.  We do this by lobbying for favorable ordinances and regulations, as well as by reviewing construction projects that affect heritage trees.    

Protect Heritage Trees By Educating the Community:

In all of its programs, the Austin Heritage Tree Foundation tries to improve our city’s environment, build community and connect citizens to the natural world and each other. 

We seek to raise public awareness of the disappearing urban canopy and the importance of preserving heritage trees.  We do this through information published on our website, as well as through information distributed at public events.

We also strive to work together with various city departments to improve, or establish, guidelines for better tree protection and maintenance (soil compaction, critical root zone encroachment, pruning, watering, mulching, soil amendments, etc.).

Maintain Heritage Trees Through Community Involvement:

We recruit, train and lead volunteers to help preserve, protect and maintain heritage trees (tree inventory, applying mulch and compost, watering, etc.). 




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